Usually used Word or Excel file, the text can not turn the curve, the color is RGB screen color, and the printing is CMYK, so the color deviation value will be very large, can not meet the customer's needs.

     In general, printed file formats are usually .ai, .cdr, .psd, .pdf for printing. The resolution of the image is at least 300dpi, and the part of the text is preferably vector text, so that it can be regarded as a printable file.

1. Please bring your own electronic file for the creation of the original drawing software (and indicate the version using the software, version)

2. If you encounter a supplement or delete the file, please be sure to fax and call with the relevant processing personnel of the company to avoid the loss of both parties.

3, if you encounter post-processing, such as cutting, not cutting, folding line, etc., please indicate in the file name or mail.

4. The review time is (Monday to Friday 8:30~17:30). If the time exceeds the time, the file will be processed every other day.

5, if you need to cancel the printing trouble, please fax and call confirmation to cancel, otherwise you will not be responsible for printing


¡¶ delivery needs

1. All delivery time is for reference only. It does not include typesetting time and holiday. If there is an urgent item or a confirmed delivery date, please be sure to ask the business and confirm the delivery date. If you cannot catch the customer delivery date, you must not return it. by.

2. The delivery time and opening time of each product are different. Please confirm whether the delivery date is due before the order is placed. (If you can't find the delivery date of your printed product, you can ask the business or artist)

3. For the first transaction, if the amount does not exceed 2000, the freight will be charged.

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